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Well, it’s certainly been that over the last 2 years…

For a while it looked like the bookshop was going to sink along with so many businesses throughout the globe as COVID started to hit everyone so hard, but thanks to the support from all of you, we made it! And although this year hasn’t been the easiest Eklektos is going ahead for the next Season 2022 with renewed vigour.

So, where to begin? I suppose the most vital thing is to let you all know what the intent is for the bookshop so I’ll start with the books… from the New Year, Eklektos will be back on the Book Exchange footing with discount on anything in the shop when good condition books are returned. This will mean that from around 1 January, there will no longer be a blanket 2.00 euro price per book, and we shall move back to the original premise that JR and I worked with for so long.

Books Category image
Books Category image

This will also mean that there will once again be new stock available throughout our the store, hopefully in all the languages we carry with an emphasis on local authors, stories and Crete related materials. This won’t be exclusive to these areas, but because of where we are and the immense wealth of material, we will aim to let everyone find something that strikes the right note

Alongside this, there is an intent to give as much information and help as Eklektos can manage as an Information Point for all the visitors to our beautiful village and its surrounds/ So, there are plans to update the original Map of Elounda with some revamping and the hope to get more information about events, trips and who offers what, so watch out on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for little tasters dropping out over the winter months! With this in view, I’m hoping to add signage to indicate our information centre to the shops front space…if I can get a ladder, some screws and somebody to make sure I don’t fall off (No more broken bones for me thanks)!

Next is Event news. Now there’s going to be ALL SORTS of things going on next year!

To kick off the Season, there is in the pipeline a plan for an Art Exhibition with contributions from a plethora of local artists. The range of gifted folk we have here in Elounda is staggering to put it mildly, and Eklektos hopes to spotlight these amazing people with a weekend event aimed at them. Provisional dates are looking like mid-May, but check on the Events page here for more on that closer to the time…I’m also hoping to prevail on a rather fab musician friend of mine to add some background mood sounds o the event. No, I’m not naming the person…come and see who it is!!

Depending on the success of this weekend event, I’d like to replicate it in September sometime, but we shall see what the contributors think.

As usual, we are aiming for some book signings over the year as well, with a couple of New authors kicking things off. One of the books is already available through Amazon UK, and the other should be out by December, and I’m proud to say I’ve had my sticky fingers in both of them in minor ways!

Now that travel is looking less difficult, I hope to see some old favourites signing way at the shop. Specifically Yvonne Payne with Kritsatopoula and Rodanthes Gift plus her recent book of walks in and around Kritsa. Along with this friend of the bookshop, I hope to persuade Richard Clark to come and do something with his books – the Notebook series of travel writings and his 2 (soon to be 3) fiction pieces…Richard if you read this before we speak, let me know when ha ha!

Last but not least, the ever wonderful Beryl Darby should be with us again in 2022, and I’ll get her to the bookshop if I have to kidnap her for it! Usually we manage a few brief meetings in her hectic schedule while in Elounda, but I’m certain Beryl would love to join her readers one day during her stay…

Obviously there will be more to add to the signings as I get some feedback from the staunch supporters that Eklektos has about who will be here and when, so I’ll keep you posted on the Events page here over them.

I also need to mention that the bookshop has been lucky in securing some unique and beautiful artwork, jewellery and small curios this season, and there will be some of this lovely handmade stock at Eklektos over the 2022 season…how long it will last is entirely in the hands of you O Visitor!

Well, I think that’s enough braying from me for the moment, but there will be more posted on a regular basis in the coming months, Miss Pepper and I shall be cavorting ourselves hither and yon while the winter lasts, and I promise to post about her exploits soon…she’s currently snoring away on my bed behind me,,,


Enjoy your day and thanks for reading the Blog – O and check out the E-shop from next month. there’s some good offers coming up!