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Tis The Season…

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We would like to thank all the people who sent us wishes and cards over Christmas – it always means so much.

The Season kind of passed us by this year. John came home on the 15th of December, and almost immediately we both got an horrendous bout of flu!  For three weeks we coughed and sneezed out way through all the days, missing all the events of the village!

I had managed to get up the decorations and lights in the house, and the tree was set up with John’s presents beneath it, waiting for the morning.  As always, John arrived with gifts for me – a mystery wrapped one and some lovely shortbread biscuits and chocolates – he always brings me something over from the UK…he is a star!  The tree looked really nice if I do say so myself – and there was a sort of magical feeling (in between the sneezes) with the lights on in the evenings.

The day itself started well, with presents and cards opened, seasonal music, and the early preparations for the dinner…then went radically downhill via antibiotics, coughing fits and sneezes!  We missed the traditional ‘pub crawl’ that takes place here in Elounda, which is always so much fun, with places like Elemans always putting on a good show with nibbles, a raffle and mulled wine – we were so miffed at not being able to join everyone there and see the lovely Leanne!  Alas it was for the best as although John really wanted to catch up with everyone, we both felt they would not appreciate sharing our germs!

Boxing Day we HAD to go out – there were meetings and discussions that had to be attended, and we got through it all in the morning.   A quick coffee in Alyggos, and then straight back home. We bumped into Roger who took one look at the state of us and knew we would be in no fit state to go round for lunch! Another wonderful meal missed – his good lady Jan is a marvellous cook and a true keeper of Christmas. Roger stopped at our apartment to collect presents and cards and then we ‘shooed’ him away!

After something to eat, I was feeling a little better, but John was awful, so while he headed back to bed, I made my way out later to catch up with Ali Tony and my other good bud Jade…then it was back home for chicken curry (which was good if I do say so myself) and a night watching the TV…always the classics!


So, it’s been a quiet time in ‘The Plague House’ but it was still wonderful to have the old man to myself no matter what the reason!

John returned to the UK in the first week of January, and we DID manage to get out a little before he left – a trip to Agios Nikolaus being our furthest venture!  Already we are planning for the 2017 Season, and there are interesting times ahead for Eklektos…moves are afoot my friends, moves are afoot…a little shimmy and a Bunny-Hop or two and who knows what may occur and where it may lead…more to report at the end of January that may enthral you and delight…we shall see…


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