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Ready, Steady…SEASON!

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Well, it has been a battle, but we are still here!

With the death of my husband, my beloved John, I was on the brink of giving up!

The Winter was a VERY black time for me…everything was bland and one dimensional…why was I trying to do this?

With the help and support of JADE HESSAY, ALICE FORAN, MAGGIE, JANICE and SO many others….I came through…I’m not perfect – and I drink too much…but if you want a book, or need information…I’m your girl!

I LOVE this place…love this island and John would HATE me if I let this die!

Our dream is alive…we are here for you and we WILL be here to answer your questions, help you have a good time…love OUR VILLAGE!

I’m soo sorry I have been remiss to all the people that have supported us..I promise to try – without my soulmate it is hard – BUT WE ARE HERE…WE THRIVE…WE ARE EKLEKTOS!!!!

Maybe not the same….COME AND FIND OUT!!!