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One Year On…

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Well 2020 was horrendous for everyone, and here at the bookshop was no exception! Despite restrictions and the constant changing threat of Covid, we tried to stay open and offer our usual services to those brave sous who actually made it here to Crete. We have reached a total lockdown state again here for over 4 months now, so times are hard all over, BUT we see light at the end of the tunnel coming at last!

To get things running again, I thought I’d add a Blog with photos and a few pieces about what we have managed to do over the past months…some of this is pre-lockdown, so don’t think we broke the rules – here at Eklektos we take health and welfare of our friends, customers neighbours and visitors VERY seriously.


Of course Mademoiselle Pepper has to be on immediately…she sulks if not! As you can see, she’s fit and well if a little ‘chunky’. Unfortunately both of us have eaten far too much, but I doubt if we are alone in this! We go for walks out and about on the Causeway, in the Square and up to Epano Elounda, and she’s enjoying the lack of traffic and noise…as my late mum would say, ‘She’s as brave as a pot lion!’

A promised photo!

Julie and Carl..almost 18 months ago but a fantastic memory!

I had to include this photo, taken outside the church Agios Louka over on Kolakithia…magic day, and the happiest people… this was just before we started to get all the bad vibes coming and is a memory I’ll carry always.

By Oxi Day 2019, we were starting to see how serious Covid was going to be, but in Crete, with social distancing in force, we thought we might be lucky! By December, we had lockdown and the bars and cafes closed. So Christmas was quiet…nobody considered this would go on, and better in Winter than in the Season!

2020 came in and we did see some changes. I FINALLY for my hair cut..

Things were starting to bite, but as it looked like a washout Season,I took the opportunity to get out and about…A sunset cruise with George and Popi seemed like a good idea…

The Summer was very hit and mis; ,one week visitors, next week stopped, and when borders began to shut, and air corridors closed, the Season was over for2020,and we all looked at hard lockdown to end 2020. Bars, Cafes, Restaurants all began to close before they were forced into it, and the odd few remained new faces and old, to the end…

But then the total shut down came. The effect was instantaneous and complete…it has to be said that Eloundians did exactly what they were told…your coffee is in a carton, the only places open are still delivery, and it’s quiet

So, last year we lost the major holidays- Independence Day, Easter, Name Days, Weddings, Christenings, Oxi Day, and then Christmas…2021 started with a prayer and a few fireworks, and of course the obligatory gunshots! We got Click Away and Online buying, Appointments for hair, nails etc, so I got my hair cut again!

We’ve started to get our jabs – I got mine in February, and we also had the rapid test station here the other day – everyone tested came back negative, so we’re hopeful…for Summer ,for May, for Easter (maybe a little one).

The sun continues to shine, we are all getting ready to see everyone again and we all smile and pray..