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Light in the Darkness

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Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for their support to keep Eklektos in business. In these times, it’s been so heartening to read comments from our supporters and to see the belief that you all have in what we try to do..hopefully we can continue. The funds received have beenused already toward clearing bills and invoices with our suppliers who have been so kind in waiting when they themselves struggle to keep going. One who deserve special mention is Mediterraneo Editions based in Rethymno… great supporters of the Eklektos ideals, and a major supplier for us for a decade now – I strongly recommend taking a look at their online shop folks!


The news from Greece hasn’t been the best in the last week, with more cases of Covid reported, however I do wonder whether this is due to the massive campaign of rapid testing being carried out nationwide – we have actually has 2 days of testing here, the results of which were all negative, another good sign! Reports still seem positive about a mid-May opening for tourism which is fantastic, but retail opening is looking like a push back further into April. Some retailers that can operate on click away, such as clothes and shoe shops, will have chance to get up and rolling, but it’s far more intricate for a little bookshop where people come to browse and chat…working on it! Meanwhile, Pepper has been helping me to keep fit and get out and about for her walks, and we’ve been bumbling about all over the surrounding area.

And there’s been online activity, with the beginnings of new stock and momentos being studied and in some cases bought, and it’s all thanks to you – our supporters and friends! Currently I’m looking into a new event and will be piloting it on here in the next few days, so wherever you live, find out which famous authors were born around you…there might be a prize involved, and a little information and fun too!

There’s still masses going on in the village with revamps and redesign being the name of the game for our hopeful village. Unfortunately we have lost Leonidas which I understand is being developed into a gift shop, but Cypriana are building new outside pergolas which look amazing!

Kalypso Hotel are currently working on a revamp of their rooms, and there seems to be something similar going on at Marin Apartments just down from Rudi’s Bar…

Kalypso revamp in progress

At the other end of the village, Sunrise now have their new rooms available for booking, and Hiona are doing the same…both look fantastic! Just up the road, Rusteak are rejigging their outside space with THAT STEP now gone, and a flat surface right across…I can’t wait to see what tiles Yorgos and Ioanna have picked for outside!

Rusteak prior to work

Moonspinners have just announced that they will have an award winning chef this year, and I hear rumbles of things afoot at the Thea Restaurant with breaking ground for drop off and parking + a new chef! Sorry, I can’t say more about this as I’m sworn to secrecy for now, but watch this space for a couple of BIG news items about Thea…

A not very good pic of Thea!

Well, I think that’s about all I have to tell at the moment! The next thing is to wait for our next government announcement which may be tonight or tomorrow…hopefully it will be good news about some form of relaxation of restrictions – it’s been under debate for several days – and that will be good news for us all!

Once more, thanks to everyone for their support; it is appreciated so much and I’ll try and keep you all abreast of things + news of our online event! Keep Safe