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Here We Go Again!

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Well here we are in 2022 and all getting ready for what promises to be a bumper season! The Winter has been a doozie as many of you will be aware, with some incredibly cold weather affecting Greece and our beloved Crete.

Despite the wind, rain snow and just about everything else the heavens could throw down, the bookshop has stayed open for a few hours 3days per week. Many of you may be aware that at the end of last year Miss Pepper and I relocated to a new apartment in Elounda, and we are now settled and enjoying the change to a more peaceful location at the bottom end of Mavrikiano which gives stunning views across the village, and the bay! The other added advantage is a really pleasant walk down to the shop, which is just blissful.

We had ourselves a Christmas which included a meal out on Christmas Day at Karambakios in Epano Elounda

And then it was down to business and getting ready for the new season. One of my sons – Martin was here for a month at the start of the year and he was an amazing help…whether he wanted to or not actually!

Neither of us kept the hair!!

We did get out up the mountains to see some friends and got some amazing shots of Griffon Vultures and superb scenery!

We had a bit of a fright at the outset, as it looked like we were going to have to find new premises, but that was sorted out and the bookshop will remain here for at least the next 3 years…good news for our regulars and a massive relief for us not having to move all these books! So with a willing crew we began to give the shop a facelift…

My friend Gerry (a Dutch lady who is resident here) was also on hand to keep the other languages in order, and along with Martin, ganged up on me quite often to make the stubborn old lady get into the groove of the revamp. The end result is a new look and feel to the shop emphasising the space and the wide range of books available and the new more accessible reference section and an amazing display of the handmade jewellery and cards we sell that is totally Gerry as she had the patience to do it while Martin and I watched in awe!

So, now it is all finished, the sun is shining and here we go again! I am currently planning an event for the end of the month – a charity night, and there’s the beginnings of an Art Exhibition by local artists scheduled for May, so it’s all full steam ahead! Now when you all come to join us, the Summer will really be here!