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Heatwaves,World Cup and Rooftop Cocktails

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Well, what a season this has been!  We are drawing towards the end now, and to be honest, I’ve struggled with motivation.  The shop looked good, but I was a bit of a wreck, unable to settle down.  But I had my little darling (total minx and spoilt brat) Pepper…

She was rescued from the streets by Nikos the owner of Alyggos bar, and as he knew Id lost my beloved Les, he asked me to take her…she’s asleep here in the shop as I write!  My constant companion and life saver, she really thinks she’s human.

We’ve had weird and wonderful weather her this year – heatwaves in April, rain in July, and scenes from Star Wars when the dust hit us.


And of course, the usual suspects from Wigton came in time for the lunar eclipse…Bil and Katie=


As you can see, we had a wonderful meal at Leonidas, the went to Babel for cocktails to see the eclipse!  A great night!

Then there have been the events…the big one here the name day of the church…Constantine and Eleni, with parade and band in the village, carrying the precious icons…

and all the folks gathering outside the church to join the procession…

and of course, the obligatory fireworks!

This year also brought the World Cup transmitted from Russia.  My bestie Alli and I found a haven for footy at Orama Hotel in their Joy café…

A rare pic of the Alli Bird, filtched earlier this year (she’s going to kill me!)  and the Orama at night

We had some great evenings there, and it has continued to date, but now we have discovered En Astro…the new rooftop cocktail bar there…with views to die for…

As usual, I’ve been lucky enough to make new friends here in the bookshop, and greet old friends once more.  Sadly, some of the ex-pats in the village have left us for a variety of reasons, and they will be sorely missed.  But, things move on here in Elounda, and onward we go to the end of the season.  The weather here is still hot and sunny, despite some rainfall earlier last month, and heaven only knows when it will rain again.

So, come one; come all and join us here in Elounda!  I’ve loads more to tell, so yet again there will be a part 2 for this Blog…with artists and staff, new moves, old eateries and a little bit of gossip…stay tuned