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Authors in Your Neighbourhood!


A Trip into Literary Europe

As we all know Libraries are being closed now at alarming rates and this makes it more important that we help to keep our bookshops alive. As a quintessential British style bookshop that satisfies the needs of tourists in Elounda, Eklektos is trying to keep our bookshop going. There is nothing better than a good book to while away your time on the beach, on the balcony or over a coffee or drink in a nearby taverna.

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So how can you help ? We must all know of famous or well-known authors who were born very close to where we were born or indeed now live.  Why not share the names of these authors on this page or when making a donation? I am sure that collectively we would know of many authors whose names would cover most of the UK and Europe, you can share their memory with the many people who visit Eklektos Books during the year.

Simply, make a donation of as little as 2 Euros on our funding site listed below, or just leave a comment. If you have already made a donation, please feel free to join in! We are also asking if anyone has extra details about an author, a quote, image of their home, something quirky. please share it on our Facebook page and let’s generate literature interest and a bit of fun!

On the 1st May, there will be a gift for 2 contributors and this will be drawn at random from all comments made during the event – it won’t be millions, but a little momento of our event!

So, come on and join in! Our starting comments have come from Alan and Eunice Swain, who gave us one each…their extra info will be available on the Facebook page later today. Here we go