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End of anEra – New Beginnings

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Well, after 5 years we have moved to a new location that gives us the space to display so much more of what we have!


We are just up the road – near Alligator shoes and Gusto clothes, but it is so much MORE…

Hopefully all of you will see our signs as you enter the wonderful village of Elounda, and we still have a small sea view + a magical view up into the mountains when you come to see us…the added bonus is more space AND we are right on the main street, with wheelchair r access  and the wonderful Nikki’s almost next door!

By the time we open, we will also have the new improved Post Office as a neighbour, and as a result of our move we will be able to offer deals on pictures and framing ( stay tuned for more details)…our official grand re-opening party will be on 4th April ( which is also my birthday) and we hope to have DJ Sam in the house to make the afternoon rock!

I’ll be posting pictures of the new place and how we are setup, but bear with me as this is taking up a lot of time!

Personally, I’m now REALLY excited about what we have to offer and the extended range of souvenirs and gifts we have to show you all…we have continued and extended the range of cards and books as well as handmade ceramics and unusual things that make us just that little different…


Everyone is welcome for the opening, but for our local support – bring a plate guys – all nibbles gratefully received 🙂