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ABC Flash fiction Results

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Well this is the winner of the Flash Fiction competition on Sunday.  Chosen because it has ‘beginning’ ‘middle’ and ‘end’ we felt if was exactly what was required!  Well done Vanessa!

And below here is the Second place by Richard S… I REALLY want Richard to write this as a book!  All opinions will be passed on 🙂

and now the third place.  Anyone who has lived here or visited this island more than once will understand this absolutely!  Thanks Stavros – a wonderful piece.

Steve’s Ramblings.
By Stavros McQueen

Trapped in a Mozzie net – first rollie of the day overlooking the mountains…assess Mozzie damage; apply anti itch…ablutions – coffee at Angela’s – Spinakopita – oooh indigestion! Rennies! Walk the village – Kalimera, Kalimera, Yasu, Yasu – stop at Alyggos – too early for a beer? I think not!

Midday sun – time for a walk (ooh indigestion)- bottle of water?(water is for wimps!)
Alyggos once more – why not? Kalimera George, Alexis, Ilias, Nikos – te kanis?-Standing (of course) reading military history – wandering eye? Surely not!- Lots of lovely ladies!
Time for another wander through the village – Yasu, Yasu – te kanis?- follow the butterfly – Memory of an Irishman – to the Bookshop!

Kalispera Lynne and Martin…time for another beer I think